Step 2 – Ready for Circular Economy. The first integrated PrintCalculator from Töpfer. A world premiere in the printing industry.

Töpfer Kulmbach drives innovation in the printing industry and strengthens cooperation along the value chain in the sense of supply chain collaboration. In this way, we integrate the value chain deeply into our processes.

This is the answer to ever more complex corporate environments and, together with our partners, we are well equipped to meet the challenges of our time and the future.

Together with thinkstep, TÖPFER Kulmbach develops the world’s first PrintCalculator for its NATURELINE by TÖPFER product line.

2025 – In just 5 years, the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) will become highly probable mandatory for all products. The Fast Moving Consumer Products industry in particular will feel the consequences of the extended producer responsibility.

Even today, our customers are feverishly asking us about the environmental data of our printed products. Data is hastily collected here whose origin and therefore basis is unknown. Which substrate is more sustainable? Which color is more sustainable? Which printing process is more sustainable?

In the past, this was like reading a coffee brew and was heavily dependent on the respective LCA method used. Accordingly, no real comparison base could be made.

However, the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules of the European Union determine how the data model is to look in the future.

However, we at TÖPFER Kulmbach can already calculate the exact LCA for our customers in accordance with EU directives. If you want, for each individual label.

After our Cradle to Cradle Certificate in Silver for our NATURELINE by TÖPFER, the PrintCalculator is a building block on the way to becoming a comprehensively sustainable company for labels and packaging.

At BrauBeviale 2019 in Nuremberg, TÖPFER Kulmbach will present the world’s first holistic PrintCalculator to a broad audience for the first time.

The PrintCalculator will be a decision-making tool and will also support our customers in calculating their LCA correctly.

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