There are many good label printers, but find one with a better sustainability. Especially one who can prove and verify it for each and every label.

The term sustainability has become a buzz word. Overused in the meantime. Carried by the wave of current movements. But not everything that glitters is gold. From one day to the next we are now all sustainable. If used inflationary, it will lose credibility in the foreseeable future.

If, however, the term is paired with content, transparency and comprehensibility, it will be able to provide products with a significant benefit.

The Circular Economy Act comes into force and with it the extended producer responsibility (EPR). What this means and what consequences it will have for the FMCG industry are obvious.

Then it will no longer be enough simply to say that one is sustainable. Sustainability needs to be measured.

The question we asked ourselves was, how can we become more sustainable and, above all, how can we support our customers in using our new disruptive method within the framework of EPR for their own benefit and in creating the correct environmental footprint of their products with our products and production methods.

NATURELINE by TÖPFER presents a WORLD PREMIERE in the field of label and flexible packaging printing at BrauBeviale 2019 in Nuremberg and shows how to make sustainability measurable in printing.

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