Carolinen expands its recycling cycle and sustainability concept and shifts the labels to Natureline by TÖPFER. Labels made from 100% recycled paper.

The Carolinen material cycle

If you have opted for PET bottles in the Carolinen returnable crate, you have bought one of the most sustainable containers currently available on the market, because we at Carolinen have a complete PET material cycle with 100% raw material recycling and maximum product safety.

Carolinen is expanding its recyclables cycle and sustainability concept and is converting its labels for its Mineral water product line CLASSIC, MEDIUM & NATURELLE to Natureline by TÖPFER.

Produced with 100% recycled waste paper. Energy-efficient printed using only energy from renewable sources in our EMAS-certified facility.

Carolinen is a market-leading mineral spring in East Westphalia-Lippe and large parts of Westphalia. The family business has a long tradition in sustainability, environmental protection and energy efficiency and is the industry leader in many projects.


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