The tradition-rich Upper Franconian brewery Weismainer Püls-Bräu now counts on labels made from 100% recycled paper.

The traditional Upper Franconian brewery Weismainer Püls-Bräu with a 215-year brewing history counts on labels, made of 100% recycled paper for its brand Püls-Bräu Flechterla Zwick’l. Produced by TÖPFER KULMBACH.

Weismainer PÜLS BRÄU takes the customer’s wishes into account and continuously works on more environmentally friendly product features and innovations.

Püls-Bräu has already repeatedly complied with innovative containers and equipment. Examples of this are the introduction of the customer-friendly beer bottle with a “screw cap” and the divisible “twin crate”.

Since 2017, Püls-Bräu has also followed the retro trend and revived the traditional EURO bottle.

Currently, the varieties Hell, Flechterla and KronePils are available in the Euro bottle. And more recently, the label on the Flechtarla bottle has been made from 100% recycled paper, thus making a significant contribution to more sustainable product labelling.

At Weismainer Püls-Bräu everyone feels very committed to environmental protection.


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