Decarbonize your operations.

The fact that consumers are demanding more and more climate-friendly products cannot be overlooked and ignored. And there is no question that this is justified. A core element is that you remove carbon emissions from your production and operations. This also applies to packaging.

Sooner or later this will become a necessity in order to be credible with the consumer and on the other hand you will be demanded by the regulatory authorities.

Sustainability is no longer a question of faith. It is simply a necessity in order to be able to operate in an economically meaningful way in the future.

We at TÖPFER Kulmbach make our contribution to the part of the packaging that we are supplying. Starting with Cradle-2-Cradle, over the use of recycled paper for label production up to 100% carbon neutral production.

But we are continuously working on our climate strategy to achieve even better results and to lay the foundations, together with our partners along the entire value chain, to bring a clean and liveable environment in line with economic goals.

TÖPFER KULMBACH makes everything measurable and verifiable and above all transparent for everyone.

In terms of sustainability and measurability, we will be presenting a world premiere in the printing sector at BrauBeviale (12-14.11.2019 in Nuremberg).

Let us inspire & surprise you.

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