The desire of consumers for sustainable products formed the cornerstone for Natureline by Töpfer Kulmbach. This is the new solution for biodegradable labels and packaging.

Resource-saving, fully recyclable and impressively high quality.
This makes compostable labels the first premium solution without compromising quality, brilliance, advertising effectiveness or processing options. In addition, we are already the only supplier of labels and packaging in the “Healthy Printing” network.


The paper used for Natureline labels is 100% recycled fibre. It is thus made from 100% post consumer fibres. NATURELINE by Töpfer is more than just label paper made from recycled fibres – special treatment in the machine and care during printing make it a label that is in no way inferior in terms of processability, alkali resistance and brilliance to labels on paper made from virgin fibres.

Cradle to Cradle® is a basic idea guided by nature with very high requirements. The concept seems more innovative than the other certificates. It is based on closed cycles that generate no waste and preserve valuable raw materials. This means, for example, that if the materials used in the printed product can be returned to a biological cycle, then the deinking sludge would no longer be a waste but a valuable nutrient. For example, this system completely excludes many substances from the “Banned Lists of Chemicals”.